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Dubia Roach Starter Colony (Breed your own livefood)

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 For sale is a Dubia Roach Starter colony for breeding your own livefoods for your pet reptiles to eat, 

what you get...

  • 100 small roaches
  • 50 medium roaches
  • 50 large roaches
  • 6 egg flats (for them to live on)
  • 1kg of roach diet

What you will need but is not included in the sale.
- Plastic storage box or similar
- Heat mat 

to see how to set up your roach colony please watch this video... YouTube - Dubia roaches from livefoodsbypost

Please note, no adult roaches are included in this colony as its intended to be a starter colony giving you maximum breeding output, the large roaches included will become adults in a month or so and then reproduce for roughly the next six months producing hundreds of baby roaches. when these have finished the mediums will be big enough to take over and then when they have finished the smalls will be big enough to take over breeding. once these have finished breeding the previously hatched babies will now be able to take over and the colony will be completely self sustaining. It is vital that you do not feed off your seed roaches until the colony becomes self sustaining or else the population will decrease. You must be patient it will take at least six months before you start to see a major increase in numbers.

Add a tablespoon of food to the colony and replace once completely consumed, moisture must be provided in the form of a slice of apple or raw carrot and replaced once eaten.

these roaches require warmth to breed so will not reproduce if they escape and they cannot climb smooth surfaces or fly so escape is unlikely, please see the video above to see how popular they are with reptiles. 

Delivery is fully tracked and included in the price.

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Adam-Swale-5 Stars

Great package and got it so so fast. This is just what I needed for my bearded dragons and now the fun of watching my colony grow over the new few months. Good price and the grub and egg trays are a welcome extra. Thumbs up.

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