About Livefoods By Post Ltd

Livefoods By Post was created in 2002 by two reptile enthusiasts (Neil & Louise) we were frustrated by the lack of products readily available for pet reptiles in our area of the country due to not living near any specialist reptile shops.

Realising we were not the only people likely to be in this situation we saw the opportunity to open a mail order business for other people in the same situation. So we began with a simple paper catalogue advertised in the pet section of the exchange & mart.

To say things were slow to take off would be an understatement! It seemed traditional mail order was on the way out - there was a brand new website that allowed people to sell their items direct to other people - ebay!
Back then there was no Reptile section on ebay, we were the first people to list reptile equipment for sale on ebay and also the first to ever offer livefoods direct to the public via ebay.

That in itself was a bit of a challenge! we would list all of our livefoods for sale and the next morning e-bay would remove them! After much too and throwing with ebay they finally agreed to allow us to list live insects and the rest is history.

Neil in the Livefoodsbypost.co.uk Showroom with our resident Tegu - "Sweetcorn"

Louise with our male Frilled Dragon one of our many successfull breeding projects. 

Ebay really took off and the website www.livefoodsbypost.co.uk was opened in 2004.

Business continued to grow and we found ourselves in an industrial unit surrounded by stock in an area that still didnt have a quality reptile shop. So in 2007 we decided to solve that problem and opened our showroom on the Isle of Wight - a fully licensed pet shop that also stocks a vast range of reptile accessories. 
Why buy from livefoods by Post?

We are reptile keepers, we know what reptiles need, we test all of our products before we sell them so we can asses their suitability. Any advice we give is based on first hand experience of the products and their use with reptiles.
We are not just online - we are a real company, we have a showroom you can call into, you can phone us and speak to us in person. This should give you the confidence to deal with us knowing we are here today and here tomorrow - not here today gone tomorrow.

We are PCI compliant meaning your payment details are always secure, we are a registered company, VAT registered & pay our taxes! Not only that we are WEEE regs compliant, registered with DEFRA and recycle our rubbish! Basically what we are trying to say is we are not a bedroom business  -   you are dealing with an established trustworthy company!

Registered in England Company number 06239745 

Vat Registered 
GB 899643741