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Bioactive Terraria

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"Bioactive" has become a bit of a buzz word in the reptile keeping community lately, basically its a term given to a planted terrarium that has micro inhabitants in the substrate that feed off of any waste produced by the animals living in the enclosure. 

In this section you will find most things needed to get yourself up and running with a bioactive terraria. 

To go "bioactive" you need a drainage layer at the base of the terrarium for excess water to drain away to, this is created by adding a few inches of clay balls (Hydro leca) to the base, on top of this you place a mesh barrier that allows you to place the substrate on without it washing down into the drainage layer. This substrate can be Bio Life substrate, Peat, Coco coir or your own blend of soil. This is the substrate you will plant with living plants and your clean up crew - woodlice, springtails, worms etc will live in.