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Black Crickets

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Buy black crickets online from livefoods by post for your pet reptile, we ship fresh insects direct to your door from the UK's #1 Livefood Producer.

Black crickets - Gryllus assimilis - These are the noisy ones! beware adult (extra large) black crickets have a loud and annoying chirrup, some people find it soothing however having a stray black cricket in your house will drive you to distraction! if you prefer a slightly quieter cricket then look at buying our silent crickets.

Caring for black crickets:
Black crickets will stay fresh for up to 7 days in the livefood tubs that they arrive in, to extend their life and freshness transfer them to a ventilated container such as a pro rep livefood care kit or an exo terra faunarium, feed with Pro rep Bug Grub, Bug gel and Jelly pots or maximum nutrition and dust with calcium immediately prior to feeding to your pet reptile.

Bulk bags will need transferring to a suitable escape proof container immediately upon arrival as the crickets are capable of chewing out of the woven plastic sacks that the bulk livefoods are posted to you in.

For more details on each size of black cricket / livefood then please click on the individual livefoods.