Breeding Fire Bellied Toads (In pictures)

We have been breeding fire bellied toads (Bomibina orientalis) and rather than give a standard guide we thought we would bring it to you in words and pictures....

(please note the spawn is developing as you read this so will be updated daily.) 

So how do you breed fire bellied toads? First of all let me describe the toads and their enclosure..

I have eight fire bellied toads, all in a three foot aquarium. The tank is two thirds water, one third land. The land consists of rocks and gravel. The aquarium has a part glass / part screen mesh lid. There is a compact daylight bulb over the land and a full spectrum (2%) tube running the length of the tank.  The water is filtrated by an undergravel filter.

The pre-conditioning

Sometime in November I stopped topping up the water in the tank and I switched out the compact light bulb, Since then I allowed the water to evaporate over time so that the tank looked like a puddle, this shallow water soon turns to a thick carpet of green algae thanks to the 2% striplight. Leave the algae this is important!

In the last week in January, the vivarium was flooded. I filled it with fresh cold water so that only the tip of the highest rock was above water. I also switched the compact light back on.  Four days later I was greeted by this........

Day One


If you look carefully there is a blob of toadspawn in the centre of the picture, plus there is plenty more scattered  around the terrarium.  

Day Two

The spawn has now developed a head, basic eyes and a tail...

Here it is in fine detail......

Day Three

Day four

Day Six

Day 27