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Calci Worms

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Calci worms are the larval form of the soldier fly, they are high in calcium and hence the name calci worms, most lizards will find them palatable particularly leopard geckos and bearded dragons. If you are looking for a healthy treat or an addition to your pet reptiles staple diet then dont over look calci worms.

Calci Worms - Hermetia Illucens

Keep the larvae of the calci worm in the tubs provided, keep slightly moist and cool for maximum freshness, if the substrate is allowed to dry out or get too hot the larvae will turn black and eventually hatch out as mature flies. The soldier flies themselves are harmless and can make an alternative feeder for species of chameleons, amphibians etc.There is no need to feed the calci worms although some Pro rep bug grub sprinkled on the surface of the calci worms substrate will be taken, also will jelly pots.