Chinese Tree Dragon - Japalura Splendida

Having just aquired a group of these stunning little lizards I thought it was essential they had a section within our website!

The chinese Tree Dragon (Japalura Splendida) is a stunning little lizard that ticks all the boxes for what makes an all round good terrarium lizard. They are a small lizard growing to around 15cm and strikingly coloured with deep blacks, vibrant almost neon green and all shades in between!

Not much is known about these lizards as captive pets, they are kept and bred successfully by hobbiests in Germany who have gleamed much of their knowledge from chinese literarature on them. 

They originate from south west China, heres a few care hints..

  • Temperature required: dont let them get too hot, keep them cool compared to other reptiles- around 24'c.  
  • UVB: 5% or 2%
  • Humidity: 50% - 90%
  • Running water is ideal for raising humidity, the dragons also like to lay in the running water
  • Diet: small crickets, mealworms, waxworms.
  • Arboreal terrarium is preferred with a high humidity, running water and well misted at least twice a a day.
  • Deep substrate of coco humus or peat as the gravid females will excavate a burrow to deposit eggs.