Do Nocturnal reptiles need UVB lighting?

Do nocturnal reptiles require UVB lighting?

It is generally thought that nocturnal reptiles do not require UVB lighting as their skin does not usually contain the receptors that process UVB into Vitamin D3. It is believed they have evolved in this way so therefore UVB lighting is not essential, however diet supplementation of calcium is still required.

Some keepers believe that a low level of day UVB lighting can be of a benefit to nocturnal reptiles so they provide a 2% reptile lamp for daytime use, this would help establish a Day / Night cycle.

Typically Nocturnal reptiles are only provided with lighting that would provide heat and a low level of light for night time viewing such as infra red heat bulbs or for reptiles that are nocturnal and dont require heating at night "moon" light bulbs that enable the keeper to view their reptiles nocturnal habits without disturbing them.