Egg Laying & Shedding Refuges

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Preventing retained "shed" (skin) in leopard geckos

To prevent Leopard geckos suffering from retained "shed" you must use an appropriate moisture hide. Retained shed happens when the gecko sheds its skin and the atmosphere is too dry preventing from the skin from being fully removed. In leopard geckos it commonly builds up around toes with the dry skin forming tight bands around the digits. These tightbands of unshed skin form tourniques cutting off the circulation to the toe causing it to die and drop off.

This is easily prevented by giving the gecko 24/7 access to a moisture hide, The gecko will instinctively know when it is shedding and therefore requiring a higher humidity level.

"unshed" or retained skin is a common problem with other types of geckos and snakes such as ball pythons. 

Most egg laying reptiles require a moist area to deposit eggs, these refuges make ideal places for such natural behaviour.