How often should I replace my UVB lamp?

How often should a reptiles UVB bulb be replaced?

The answer to this question is between 6 months to a year of usage.

Why ? Once it is switched on the UVB output of a reptile lamp diminishes, so for example if you purchased a 10% UVB light at first switch on its UVB output would probably exceed this level as the manufacturers allow for this UVB fade and rate the tubes higher so that they can "burn in" to their expected output. However after 6 months this output may have dropped down to an output of 5% and by the time 12 months has passed the actual UVB being produced by the lamp will be either zero or minimal.

As we know UVB is essential for reptile health, so ideally you will replace your strip lights every six months if not they will definitely need replacing after a years use.

When we say 6 months to a years use this is meant as a typical 8 hour light period every day, if your lights are on longer each day then this of course will shorten their useful life even more.