I would like one tub each week.

Ok, You would like one tub of livefoods delivered every week,

  • Decide what you would like delivered from the list below and type it in the relevent box, (you can use the code next to the livefood of your choice for speed) and then tell us on what day you would like us to post it every week. Remember it can take up to four working days for your order to be delivered.  


   A521 Extra large
   A502 Large
   A507 Standard
   A531 Medium
   A524 Medium/small
   A512 Small
   A517 Micro

   A121 Extra large
   A102 Standard/large
   A107 Medium
   A124 Medium/small
   A112 Small
   A117 Micro

   A051 Adult
   A052 Extra large
   A053 Large
   A054 Medium
   A055 Small

   A311 Standard
   A307 Giant(morio)
   A332 Mini
   A320LT in shavings

   A318 Flightless fruitfly culture

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