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Buy fresh live locusts online from livefoods by post, direct from the uks number 1 breeder to your door. 

Caring for locusts:
When you buy locusts online in Pre packed tubs they will remain fresh for approximately a week, buying bulk bags of locusts online will save you money but they will need transferring to a larger container upon arrival. A Container suitable for housing the locusts you buy online would be ones such as a flexarium or a faunarium. If the feeder locusts are to be kept for any extended period of time they will need special conditions, A large well ventilated enclosure such as a flexarium will be required as they do not like excessive humidity, Low humidity and heat is required. A temperature of 32 - 40.c should be maintained through the day dropping to 25 - 30.c at night. Food must be provided in the form of plenty of fresh greens and bug grub. Hiding and perching areas will need to be given also.

Using Locusts as Livefood: 
Locusts are a very popular livefood for most types of pet reptile. Bearded Dragons enjoy locusts, make sure you feed an appropriately sized locust for the size of your pet reptile, the general rule of thumb is only feed prey that is the same length as the width of the reptiles mouth, although this is a good rule of thumb its not totally relevent for locusts as an adult locust is about 4" long but readily enjoyed by adult bearded dragons. Adult and Extra large locusts are suitable for adult bearded dragons, medium to large locusts make a suitable livefood for dragons that are aged from 2 months to a year (depending on size of bearded dragon) and the small locusts should be reserved for very small or hatchling bearded Dragons. For more advice on feeding bearded dragons livefood see our guide here

Leopard geckos also enjoy eating locusts, so if you are looking to buy locusts online as livefood for your pet leopard gecko we would recomend you purchase small locusts for hatchling and very young geckos, once the gecko gets a bit bigger you can feed it the medium and then large locusts. Extra large locusts are usually too big for leopard geckos and adult locusts are definately off the menu.

If You have a pet amphibian such as a tree frog, toad, newt etc then you need to be feeding the small locusts to them as where they are small they have a soft exo skeleton making them easier to digest. (c) livefoods by post 2016