Neon Blue Tailed Tree Lizard - Holaspis guentheri

Basic Care sheet for Neon blue serrated tail tree lizard (Holaspis Guentheri)
By Neil Reed (c) livefoods by post 2009

The Neon Blue serrated tail lizard
is a stunning lizard, it is only small reaching maximum lengths of 15cm. The most striking feature is the electric blue tail.

Its natural range is in Tropical forests of Africa.

The body is strongly flattened with a broad tail that has a row of saw toothed scales on either side. It is a tree dwelling lizard that feeds on small insects.

- Make sure your viv is completely escape proof - if you can fit a cigarette paper through a gap then a small one of these can escape through it.

- set up similar to a green anole, 5% Uvb, small basking area, well planted viv, light mist spray daily, very shallow water dish, 

- highly territorial, males will fight to the death, by biting another males tail and thrashing it around until its dead 

- drop tails as a defense mechanism

- lays eggs about the size of a tic tac, about 2 per clutch, usually lay them in compost in pot plants in vivarium, - not succesfully incubated them - think its best to leave them in the viv to incubate naturally if kept at a good room temp (25.c ish?) needs more study

- very fast, day active, one for looking at definately not handling, 

all above based on personal experience with the species,


Photos copyright livefoods by post ltd - N Reed (c)2009