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Most reptiles will need to eat livefoods, certainly species like bearded dragons and leopard geckos and any other omnivorous species, However there are certain prepared dried diets available for herbivorous species such as iguanas and tortoises. There are also dried diets available for omnivores that your pet may find palatable. In the dried reptile food section you will also find prepared dried diets for freshwater aquatic turtles (terrapins). 

We pride ourselves on only sending to your door the freshest livefoods for your pet reptiles and that is why we offer live arrival guarantee, All of our livefood is sent via first class post and if they dont arrive alive then please let us know without delay. 

Crickets, locusts, mealworms, calci worms, wax worms, we have them all available in our livefood section. 

Our livefoods are packed fresh daily and despatched straight to your door from our breeders, we have been doing this for almost 15 years now and like to think that when it comes to sending fresh livefoods through the post we have it perfected.