Storing Bulk crickets

By Neil Reed 

If you have a lot of mouths to feed it might be a good idea to consider buying your livefoods in Bulk. When buying bulk livefoods they are delivered in a woven plastic sack with some egg carton and a small amount of feeding bran. They will quickly eat their way out of the plastic sack so they need transferring into a suitable enclosure asap.

When we say bulk, we mean 1000 or excess, anything below this amount can be housed in one or two "Kricket Keepers"

The container, this needs to be dry and well ventilated. excess moisture and stale air will kill crickets and make them smell very bad. Heres our quick guide to creating the ideal container.

Plastic storage tubs such as the one in the photo above make excellent bulk cricket homes, You can easily store around 2000 crickets in a box suxh as this. First of all you must lose the lid it has no purpose when storing crickets, using a lid only creates stale air and excess humidity.

Secondly we need to create extra floor space for the crickets, cramped crickets are stressed crickets this causes them to eat each other - resulting in dead livefoods. To create more space use some masking tape to mark out a line all the way around the rim of the container to a depth of about 5 inches. Then take some rough coarse grade sandpaper and sand down the sides of the conatiner inside. Once the sides have been sanded so that they are no longer smooth and shiney but are rough to the touch remove the masking tape. You should now have a conatiner that has rough sides apart from a 5" wide band around the top which should still be smooth and shiney.

The rough sides will now enable the crickets to climb them, this gives them loads of space to spread out away from each other but they can climb no further than the rough surface as soon as they hit the shiney surface they can climb no further. They are unable to jump from the sides out of the enclosure as they simply fall back into the tub.

When you receive your bag of crickets simply cut the plastic cable tie and tip them straight into the container. Use the egg carton that is inside the bag, place it flat on the bottom of the container so it creates extra surface area and a dark hiding place underneath it.

Food and Drink: at one end of the container add a dish of bug grub and a shallow dish of Bug Gel so the crickets can drink.