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Microclimate Ministat 100
Microclimate Ministat 300
The most essential piece of equipment needed in any reptile vivarium. a thermostat will accurately control the vivariums temperature preventing the vivarium from overheating and reaching fatal temperatures. Thermostats save lives! they are too varied and complex to explain in full here so please have a read through our helpfull guides.

Idiots Guide to Thermostats...

Mini stats / On/Off stats - Basic Thermostats that will switch a heater off when the desired temperature is reached and then back on again when the temperature falls below the desired temperature. Ideal for controlling basic heating systems such as Heat Mats but not suitable for Light bulbs due to the switching on and off in quick succession. Using Heat bulbs with a standard thermostat will reduce the bulbs lifespan. 

Pulse Stats - Controls a heater by pulsating the power available to the heater, It uses pulses of electricity to control the heat output, Can only be used with heat mats or ceramic heat emitters. If used with a light emitting heater you will have a strobe light disco effect.

Dimming Stats - Controls the heat output by turning the constant source of power up and down, perfect for controlling heat lamps as they are never switched on and off rapidly, using a dimming stat will greatly increase the lifespan of your heat bulbs. 

Day / Night - these thermostats have the ability to set a different temperature for the day and the night time period, perfect for mimicking natural rise and falls in the environment.