UVB Generating Systems

UVB is the lifeblood of all daytime and even crepuscular reptiles, Not only does the sun provide light and warmth it gives us and reptiles essential UVB rays so their bodies can create all essential Vitamin D3 to convert calcium in the diet into healthy bones. It is essential we recreate this in the domestic environment as closely as possible. To do this we have a number of systems available...
  • High Output T5 Strip lighting - the future of reptile keeping, high output, low wattage, slimline fittings.
  • Low Output T8 Strip Lighting - Tried and tested for many years, UVB from strip lights in a variety of strengths.
  • Mercury Vapour Bulbs - Heat, Light and UVB all in one, large high wattage bulbs perfect for larger enclosures
  • Compact UVB - Small energy saving bulbs that have a UVB output, suitable for small enclosure where space is a concern. 

Arcadia Reptile, UVB Tubes for Reptiles. from Arcadia Reptile on Vimeo.