What level of UVB do I need?

When choosing what levelof UVB exposure your reptile requires first of all we must address what we mean by "level of exposure".

When looking at the reptile lamps you will notice there are Daylight flourescent Lamps and UVB Flourescent Lamps these lamps produce UVB light rays, the level or output of these rays is indicated as a percentage. so for example a 2% UVB light is basically saying 2% of my light ouput will be UVB. These lights come as different percentages typically 2%, 5%, 6%, 10% and now 12%.

There typical uses are as follows...

2% - These are used for amphibians and reptiles that may have a low level UVB requirement, such as frogs, salamanders and nocturnal reptiles that may benefit from a low level UVB exposure. As 2% lights have little UVB content they produce a brighter light than the higher percentage strip lights, because of this they are recommended for use as aditional lighting when using Higher percentage UVB strips. When setting up an enclosure for a reptile such as a bearded dragon you would use a 10% UVB Light in a Double controller alongside a 2% strip light for brightness.

5-6% - Reptile lamps with an output of 5 or 6% are designed for reptiles that come from jungle / forest areas, in these biotypes the UVB exposure is a great deal less in amongst the jungle than it is at the top of the forest canopy. Animals such as water dragons and iguanas make use of 5% strip lights.

10 - 12% - Desert lamps, designed for use with desert reptiles that in their naturally occuring range would have little protection from the suns rays and recieve full UVB exposure. Bearded Dragon, Uromastyx are among the animals that would require this level of exposure.

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